A new Residence with all aspects, except seating, designed by JJA, and featuring corner opening doors. On a Beltline ravine site.

  • Il Rigore delle linee, la poesia della luce (The Rigor of the Line, The Poetry of the Light) Extreme importance is paid to sunlight; the openings in the exterior surface are in fact designed to orchestrate the play of sunlight into interior spaces. For example, the roof and north facade are cut away to create a 3-storey light chasm laterally across the house containing the stairs. The light chasm not only gives an all-day radiance to the otherwise darkest middle, but with the masonry structural wall, separates private and public areas. For aesthetic effect and functional maximization, the structural capacity of materials is pushed to their limit. Three types of structural techniques are used: conventional load bearing to express stasis and weight; cantilevers to express tension and drama; suspended objects to express lightness and suspension.

    CasaD, Milan