Founded in 1979,  is a nationally-distinguished, award-winning organization, and one of Canada’s most experienced full-service Architecture/Interior Design firms. The firm is widely recognized for its creativity, and its open, authentic response to each individual project, leading to the ideal project design and to the advancement of building types and construction technologies. This open design approach actively engages the client in a collaborative, consensus-building process.

The firm’s work is regularly published nationally and internationally; the firm has won virtually every invited competition. Awards include the Governor General’s Award, Ontario Association of Architects Awards of Excellence, Award for Outstanding Contribution to the City of Toronto, Award for Best Institutional Masonry Building in the GTA, and numerous other Civic and Industry Awards.

The organization has a sterling record in the consistent delivery of well-constructed, value-designed buildings and environments which are technical-failure free and provide maximum functionality.

The construction industry provides Architects with an almost limitless range of imaginative possibilities, forms, materials and technologies to respond to the vast range of user requirements and aspirations, building programmes, cultural variations, environments and sites – worldwide. Each project can be seen as unique, and therefore deserving of an authentic, ideal, project-specific building or environment. Such investigation and exploration in design must be accompanied by rigorous research in building technology and construction detailing.

have been serious about sustainability of buildings for over 30 years. Exploration and implementation of ‘green’, eco-friendly design ideas for interior and base building forms architecture that minimizes the use of natural resources, toxic materials, and emissions of waste and pollutants over the life cycle of a building, ensuring minimization of life-cycle costs within capital cost parameters. Our Ontario Hydro Building in Hockley Valley (cover, Canadian Architect) was a landmark sustainable building in Canada.