A Parks and Recreation Building built on a city dump site, which uses wood, masonry and steel in innovative, sculptural ways to humanize an otherwise banal building. A municipal single-storey ‘Yard’ building in an industrial setting with the normative linear rectagon as a basic model from which a new centralized internal organization is developed. A ‘tech’ industrial shell gives way to an organic, more human, curved-wood interior. (Winner of Governor General’s Award for Architecture / Winner for North York First Award of Excellence) (Published: Nationally and Internationally; Featured on the cover of International Contract)

  • In the Utilitarian, there can be grace, and the project for Emery Yard gives not only a meaning to the surrounding area of the city, but also a texture to the purposes of a municipal maintenance building. The treatment reaches into urban reality and changes the mind-set about what “should” be. In both cases the attention to scale, materials and certain element of surprise create a dialogue which is both engaging and reassuring.

    Adrienne Clarkson former Governor General of Canada